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Story For Kim by Tess R

29 Sep 2011 1:09 PM | Anonymous

My name is Tess and I am a very proud sister-in-law of Kimberly, she wrote a story “MY LIFE” on this website. I call her Kim and she mean so much to me that I could not even find the best word  to describe it. Seven years ago, my life was so different, I lived in a different country, different lifestyle, even my Language was different and then I met Kyle, Kim’s brother who brought me over here in United States. There was never a point in time that Kim made me feel different because I am not an American, from the very first time she saw me at the airport, I got the warmest hug from her, she gave me the feeling of belonging. A feeling that I will never forget, I thought that was the best experience someone could ever have but there were a lot more, it is as a matter of fact never ending and I love every bit of it. Whenever we are over at their house or when they visit us here in Iowa, every single day, I hear her say “Thank you very much for being the best sister-in-law” I may not have tears in my eyes every time I hear those words but God knows how it melts my heart, I always tell her back that “she is the best sister-in-law in the whole world” and yes, I mean every word. I love watching Kim talk about her boyfriend and their future plans, her eyes sparkle, her face have a very special glow, it is very enlightening just watching her.  I appreciate how she makes me realize How wonderful it is to be in-love. We share a lot of similar interests, for one being on the top of my list is arts and crafts, I enjoy doing this activity with her. Kim has a very gentle spirit, only if people who surrounds me has this characteristics, I  certainly think there would be peace and love all the time. Not even once I felt ashamed or embarrassed that my husband’s sister has down syndrome. Some friends may ask me if I am a touch concerned of having my own baby with down syndrome, I always say No, in fact I am 7 months pregnant now , I was offered to have some tests to detect chromosome abnormality and I refused. Kim gave me a wonderful experience, if God gives me a baby who has the same condition, I will love my baby to pieces just as I love my other 2 children. I thank God everyday for giving me such wonderful family, it makes it so special having Kim as part of my life, through her I feel I have so much blessings, Kim had made me feel that no matter who I am, where I came from and whatever future God has to give me, she will always be there for me. Kim, Let me take this chance to tell you how much you mean to me, you are the best sister-in-law someone could ever have and I am so blessed God had chosen me to have you. Thank you for everything you’ve done, for the wisdom you shared and for all the love that you give to me and the entire family.  God Bless you in every way. I am very proud of you.  Thank you for this website who welcome Family and friends to express our heartfelt gratitude to God for giving us very special people like Kimberly who touches lives in million ways.

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